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About Us

sona LED is an eminent manufacturer, supplier and dealer of LED bulbs in India. The company is certified by ISO 9001:2008 standards and carries out their manufacturing adhering to the strictest standards of the industry. Our high quality bulbs have become a favorite for all kinds of usage and has driven our growth. Or venture into LED bulbs is a manifestation of years of expertise in the electronics industry.

The twenty first century has brought us with an abundance of opportunities. At the same time, there are unforeseen challenges that need to be addressed and energy conservation is among the most important. As India as an economy breaches new paces of growth, sona LED bulbs manufacturer is poised to become a proficient player.

Our Vision

The LED bulbs is still at a young industry. Despite being invented in the 1960s, the propagation of these have been slow. The higher cost of production may have become a major reason for this. As energy crunch grips the country, the demand for these lights are set to record double digit growth. We aim to be a part of this amazing growth story by manufacturing high quality LED bulbs in India.

Our Specialty

Providing clients with quality LED bulbs in Delhi is our specialty. From designing aesthetic lights to delivering these to clients with the assurance of the best quality, we provide reliable service. We are proud to possess world class manufacturing facilities that matches the best international standards. These comprises of independent state-of-the-art quality checking labs equipped with advanced machinery. Such solid infrastructural foundation allows us to achieve unmatchable finesse in our LED bulbs.

The Team

For LED bulbs manufacturers, human resources is the most important asset. sona Group of Companies is proud to have a dynamic and energetic team, that provides the fuel for our continuous strides towards perfection. Under the leadership of Mr. K. K. Sharma, a veteran of the industry, our company has emerged on the forefront of the LED industry, earning the trust of customers throughout the country. His commitment for quality and customer satisfaction is the cornerstone that forms the foundation for sona LED bulbs.